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No Name Calling Week - January 22nd – January 26th

Join us in the celebration of No Name-Calling Week by participating in the daily activities to show your support!

Monday – We Take A Stand Against Name Calling:  Participate in a pledge to stop name calling by signing your classroom FOOTPRINT and display it proudly on your door.

Tuesday – Scarf Day:  Wear a scarf today and warm up someone’s day with kind words!

Wednesday – Include, Don’t Exclude Day:  Decide together as a class on a color or item to wear together this day!  (Please discuss on Monday & Tuesday to ensure everyone is able/prepared to participate.)

Thursday – Disney Day:  “We can wish upon a star, it doesn’t matter who we are!”  Wear anything Disney or with a star!

Friday – School Pride Day:  Wear school colors or Bear Wear to show support for a ‘No Name Calling’ school!


Congratulations to our Spelling Bee winners!                                                                               

1st place - Adam Dacostabee
2nd place - Jackson Pascale              
3rd place - Samantha Blanchard

In order left to right.


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School Board Recognition Month

school board recognitiionNew Jersey’s local boards of education play an essential role in our students’ lives. They oversee 581 school districts which, in turn, operate 2,500 public schools and provide educational services to nearly 1.4 million children. They set the policies for our schools and make important decisions affecting curriculum, financing and staffing.

January 2018 is the annual School Board Recognition Month in New Jersey, a time to raise public awareness of the roles and responsibilities of local boards of education and to thank your community’s school board members for their efforts.

sustaniable awardMr. Saalfield, Superintendent, and Dr. Elias, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, accepted the Sustainable Jersey Award for Blairstown Elementary School in Atlantic City on October 24thThe Green Team at Blairstown Elementary School is the committee responsible for achieving certification and enacting green, sustainable practices.  This committee includes district staff and is led by Dr. Elias.  Actions completed at Blairstown Elementary School included the installation of a garden and greenhouse where students grew food to donate to local food pantries.  In addition, the school community installed a butterfly garden filled with host and pollinator plants for Monarch butterflies.  The site has been registered as a “Butterfly Waystation”.  Currently, Blairstown Elementary School is the first and only certified school district in Warren County.  

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Strategic Planning

Certified Sustainable Jersey School

Sustainable Jersey Award

Our Mission

In partnership with home and community, Blairstown Elementary School is dedicated to the mission of providing an engaging and comprehensive education.

A passion for learning is ignited through an enriched learning environment. While celebrating individuality, our students develop confidence, competence and character.

All students have the opportunity to achieve their highest potential on a quest of lifelong learning to succeed in a global, 21st century.

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator                    
(Education; Curriculum)                             
Mr. Bruce P. Leal                                                       
1 Sunset Hill Road           
Blairstown, NJ 07825
(908)362-6111 ext. 104

District Anti-Bullying Specialist                                  Please click on the links below to view
(Incident Reports; Investigations)                           

Mrs. Sheri Brady                                                              Anti-Bullying Report 2015-16
1 Sunset Hill Road
Blairstown, NJ 07825                                                        HIB Investigation Form
(908)362-6111 ext. 109                                                                       Report & Incident Form