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Blairstown Elementary School Board of Education

Action Plan

New Jersey’s approved Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA) Flexibility Request of the Federal Government requires that the state implement an accountability system with differentiated recognitions, interventions and supports.  To appropriately identify the supports needed for schools that did not meet their 2012 Progress Targets, districts must develop a plan articulating how they will address the needs of the student populations that did not meet their progress targets.   The action plan listed below is Blairstown’s approved plan.
  • Identified students in grades four, five and six will be clustered in select Language Arts classes and a BSI instructor will push into those classes to provide remediation and enrichment.
  • Students not showing consistent growth are to be indentified and provided with additional, specific remediation.
  • Unit pre and post tests will be administered and analyzed by the fourth, fifth and sixth grade teachers.
  • Results from the Unit pre and post tests will be shared with the principal accordingly.
  • Planning time will be designated for general and special education teachers to articulate and develop necessary action plans for individual and group deficiencies.
  • Professional development opportunities pertaining to increasing Language Arts success and improving classroom practice will be provided.

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