Special Education Dept.

The Special Services Department of Blairstown Elementary School is dedicated to locating, identifying and considering the needs of students with disabilities, in accordance with the state and federal regulations. This includes evaluation, collaboration in individual program development, and case management of students in preschool through grade 6. Our purpose is to insure that each student with a disability is provided with a Free, Appropriate, Public Education.  Ultimately, our team strives to work with families as well as the entire school community to see that each child with a disability is educated in a supportive environment that respects and accommodates individual learning differences.   Parents or other appropriate persons may refer children ages 3 to 21 who are experiencing significant difficulties that impact on their educational performance.


Kathleen Welsh - Supervisor of Special Services - 908-362-6111 ext 109

Sheri Brady - Social Worker - 908-362-6111 ext 112

Leslie Dell - (LDTC) Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant- 908-362-6111 ext 113

Wendy Keefer - -Psychologist  908-362-6111 ext 111

Sally Smigel - Child Study Team Secretary - 908362-6111 ext 109