high school, blairstown, NJ 1928

Welcome to the Blairstown Elementary School District! Please check out our website for school information, updates, photos, and upcoming events as we are constantly updating our school webpage. Also, here is some history regarding our school. The Blairstown Elementary School was the former Blairstown High School housing students in grades K-12! The original wooden school was built around 1897 as a single-story structure with a basement. Between 1898 and about 1914 the building was expanded several times including the complete lifting of the first story to fit a new level underneath. These expansions were due to the increase in population, plus the addition of high school level classes. The original building was financed by John I. Blair, the namesake of Blairstown. Mr. Blair was about 95/96 years old at the time. The wooden school burnt down in 1928. The burning was reported in the Blairstown Press to have been started suspiciously by a set fire in the north side of the building. Ironically, the school board had just finished a July 1928 meeting four hours beforehand in the school building. They were meeting to hold a voting session for the reorganization of the schools between Walnut Valley, Jacksonburg and making a new school at Vail, NJ. The fire completely destroyed the school. A milk can was found in nearby bushes that contained kerosene. The state police investigated, but the culprit was never caught. Some scandal! The children had to go to school in other locations like the Cedar Lake Resort until the new building could be built. The photo of the brick school was taken in the 1930s, soon after it was built in 1929. The new school building replaced the wood building that burnt down in 1928. The photo shows our building in the earlier years of the current school without any additions. The school building once had a copula with a bell and lightning rod. The copula eventually came off, but it was still showing in the photo of the school in the 1954 yearbook. It was made into a postcard, so certainly the town felt a lot of pride for the new building. The Blairstown School District would thank the Blairstown Historic Preservation Committee for the photo and their knowledge of Blairstown.