Business Administrator - Molly Petty


I have been the School Business Administrator for the Blairstown Township Board of Education since 2008. Prior to that I had 14 years of experience in two other districts in Warren County.  


I hold an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Centenary College and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Lehigh University.


My favorite duty at Blairstown Elementary School is to be in front of the building every morning to greet all of the children who walk to school and who are dropped off by their parents. 


My assistant’s name is Christine Burnett, and she handles the use of the gym and other facilities.  You can contact her at 908-362-6111, Extension 118 or email her at


I invite the parents and public to contact me personally with any questions they may have about the financial aspects of the Board of Education.  Also, requests for public information may be made by downloading an OPRA request form from the school’s website.   My phone number is 908-362-8536.  My email address is